When You Need to Call a Lawyer

When You Need to Call a Lawyer

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When to call a lawyer in Utah

Do you know when you need to call a lawyer and when you need to walk away from the phone? While there are definitely times when a lawyer is necessary, there are cases where conflict doesn’t require legal authority. Here are some examples of instances where you should call a lawyer.

If you could potentially be arrested

Driving under the influence, domestic violence or accusations of any kind of criminal behavior (including white collar crime or tax fraud) are all cases where you need to call a lawyer immediately. If you don’t have a lawyer, your first call should be to a trusted resource that will help you find one. Your city or county bar association is also a good place to start looking for a referral.

If you have suffered bodily harm, been in an accident or caused one

If you bought a house that is causing asthma from hidden mold, experienced a car accident or had a child seriously injure themselves while playing at your house, it’s time to call a lawyer. Don’t depend on the insurance company to fight your battle unless they will hire a lawyer for you.

You need an estate plan

No estate plan is easy enough to do over the Internet. The process of drafting effective estate planning documents is extremely involved and you don’t want to make mistakes. The financial well-being of your heirs and loved ones is too important to risk only to save money. Hiring a lawyer for estate planning is money well spent.

Someone dies

If a family member dies and you’re left in charge of their estate and assets, you need professional legal guidance. There may be state estate tax returns, trust or estate income tax returns and various notices to file. Not handling them properly could open you to personal liability.

You’re asked to sign a contract

When long-term commitments and large sums of money are involved, like buying or selling a property, book, business, screenplay or idea, call a lawyer who specializes in that kind of contract.

You’re getting divorced or legally separated

If you have no expensive property, minimal debt and no children, you can get divorced without a lawyer. If there has been any domestic violence, significant wealth or debt or children, it’s time to call a lawyer. In many cases, both parties may be able to use one lawyer to mediate the issues and find a solution. If you know this isn’t going to be possible, hire your own legal advocate.

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