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Many people think of separation as a difficult and painful experience. Sadly, it often costs more than just money. When kids are included, mixed with hurt emotions, a divorce has negative effects. Jason White & Associates understands how difficult the separation experience can be and is ready to delicately and aptly handle every aspect of your divorce. Our divorce attorneys will work hard to find the best solution for you and your family. Because we are thoroughly acquainted with Utah divorce law, you can rest easy knowing that the finest separation lawyers are working on your divorce.

Jason White & Associates is devoted to family law, such as divorce, custody, post-divorce, child support, etc. Because we’ve observed and tackled a variety of divorce cases in American Fork, our knowledge lets us take care of any case of any difficulty level.

Through our background, we’ve learned that the most frequent reasons for divorce are hostile differences, living apart for more than a year or a mental problem that existed two years preceding the divorce. If you’re on the hunt for excellent divorce mediation services, the attorneys Jason White & Associates can assist you with your divorce, no matter the reason.

Property, Alimony and Child Custody

There are many aspects of divorce, the most common being distribution of assets, alimony and children. Typically with the property, authorities will try to divide property reasonably when parties disagree on how to divide assets. Alimony depends on income, the need for support and other factors. Sadly, a common element of divorce is determining child possession. Dual custody is a typical outcome, but situations such as abuse and emotional connections affect this settlement.

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