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Family Law and Criminal Attorneys for American Fork, UT

When you need legal services in American Fork and throughout Utah County, you can trust the law firm of Jason White & Associates. Our lawyers have a range of experience, and our practice is small enough that we can dedicate our full attention to helping each client get the best possible outcome. We have particular expertise as family law attorneys, criminal attorneys and legal matters related to probate, wills and estates.

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Family Law in American Fork

Whether you’re seeking divorce, working to resolve child custody issues, seeking legal protection from an abusive partner or even arranging an adoption, the family lawyers at Jason White can help. We understand how sensitive these matters can be, and we can help you through each stage of the process discreetly and respectfully.

In these instances, much of the success of your case revolves around gathering the correct information, filing all the right paperwork and doing it on time. We know Utah’s Fourth District Court system inside and out, and we have helped dozens of clients in the family law courts in the American Fork area.

Finding a qualified family law attorney can be intimidating, but you can trust the lawyers in our office to serve your best interest. We aim to reduce costs and stress for each client and each situation. Contact us for a free, confidential consultation.

Criminal Defense in Utah County

If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense in American Fork, you are entitled to qualified representation. Your rights protect your ability not to incriminate yourself and not to have your home or vehicle searched without either your permission or probable cause. In addition, you have the right to present your best possible defense when you go up against police and prosecutors, and you will need the best advice you can find during any plea deals, trials and sentencing that may occur.

When you work with the criminal defense lawyers at Jason White & Associates, you can be confident that we will give your case the necessary attention to detail. You deserve the best possible outcome, and we are here to help.

Wills, Estates and Probate

Planning a will and preparing your estate is important to the future of your family, and we encourage our American Fork clients to talk with attorneys about these issues long before they reach their final years. In many cases, we can help your family avoid probate court altogether.

If your family is dealing with probate court and struggling to divide assets and obligations after the passing of a loved one, it’s important to get knowledgeable attorneys on your side. We can explain the process to you and help you uncover information that will help you fulfill your loved one’s wishes.

American Fork Residents, Contact Us Today

The Law Firm of Jason White & Associates has been practicing in Salt Lake, Utah and Millard counties for many years, and we are pleased to welcome clients from American Fork to contact our offices. We are located in Provo, within 30 minutes of any home in American Fork. We invite you to visit us for a free review of your case, and you can also reach us by calling 801.477.1546 or filling out this form. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about how we can help.

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