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Whether you are considering divorce, want assistance with child custody and visitation enforcement or have questions about family law and criminal defense, the Provo-based attorneys at Jason White & Associates have the compassion, expertise and local knowledge you need to successfully navigate Utah’s Fourth District Court and the related family court and juvenile court systems. Criminal law alone is complicated and confusing enough. When you need help with family law, will and trust law, juvenile criminal defense and other legal issues, the uncertainties can be overwhelming. You need a divorce attorney in Provo with the best schooling, extensive experience and a local touch to navigate the system successfully.

Divorce Lawyers in Provo, Utah

People often say that Utah has one of the highest divorce rates in the country, but the statistics are misleading because the U.S. Census Bureau counts the number of divorced people rather than the number of marriages fail. In fact, more people are married here and they stay married in Utah for a longer time than in almost any other state. However, if you are facing heartbreaking family law problems such as ongoing conflict, cheating, dishonesty and financial disagreement, you’re not alone. Divorce or legal separation is often the best option for families in the Provo, Orem, Spanish Fork and American Fork areas, and we have the best divorce attorneys in Provo, ready to help.

If you live in Utah County, your divorce and related issues concerning parental rights and asset division will be heard in the state’s Fourth District Court in Provo. The divorce lawyers at Jason White & Associates can help you file all the proper documents on time, find local mediators so you can attend required domestic mediation sessions and parenting classes, create a court-approved parenting plan and help you divide physical and financial assets as quickly and amicably as possible. Call our Provo attorney offices for a confidential consultation scheduled at your convenience.

Family law, Parental Rights and Child Custody

In the greater Provo area and around Utah County, most legal issues that require a family law attorney are decided as part of divorce decrees or legal separation agreements. These questions can include child custody and visitation, child support payments, and alimony or spousal support payments. The Fourth District court also oversees issues related to adoption and legal custody. Because the family lawyers at Jason White & Associates in Provo have local experience as well as thorough training on all the details of state divorce law and family law, we can help you resolve these issues without delay

Criminal Defense

DUI and DWI (driving while intoxicated) charges are among the most common reasons to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Provo, Orem and surrounding areas in Utah County. If you have been pulled over and arrested, get legal assistance immediately to save yourself from escalating expenses related to having your vehicle impounded, losing your driver’s license, insurance price increases , hefty fines and even jail time. We recommend that you call when you are cited or before you make bail even if you know you are innocent or were using medicines prescribed by your doctor at the time of your arrest. These charges can lead to serious convictions with life-changing consequences.

If you or your child are being questioned about other misdemeanors or felonies, we also recommend finding the best local legal assistance right away. You may be frightened, confused or intimidated by forceful law enforcement officers, but it is a necessity that you consult with a criminal defense attorney to ensure that your legal rights and those of your juvenile child are protected.

The criminal attorneys at Jason White & Associates understand how to work with the Utah County Sheriff’s Department, police departments in Provo, Spanish Fork and American Fork and the Department of Public Safety in Orem and can help you get the best possible outcome for your criminal defense case. We are also very familiar with local prosecutors and judges and can help you decide whether to invoke your Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, go to trail, make a plea deal or negotiate sentencing. We are also equipped to help with your appeals and can provide you with immediate assistance if you have questions about interacting with law enforcement officials.

Will and Trust Law and Estate Planning

Each of our lawyers at Jason White & Associates has credentials in developing estate plans, creating wills and trusts and resolving probate issues in the Utah courts. We can assist with investment planning, plans for elderly care, tax planning, gift and death tax avoidance, guardianship issues and the creation or modification of your will. If you establish these documents carefully, we can help you and your loved ones avoid legal probate processes to save your loved ones stress and worry in case of your passing.

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